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Because we are constantly working with our suppliers and reviewing our costs to give you the best deal possible, this part of the website is constantly undergoing change.

All Promotions are Limited Time so ACT NOW

Huge Savings on Heartworm and Flea Products

Advantage Multi Bayer's excellent premier heartworm, flea, sarcoptic mange and intestinal worm prevention now has four different company sponsored rebates. They vary from $25.00 to $75.00. Everyone who makes an Advantage Multi purchase qualifies for one of these rebates!

There is also a rebate available on Interceptor Plus our broad spectrum oral heartworm prevention and dewormer.

Excellent new dental chew available from Meriel.

Meriel's Oravet chews have worked well on my own dog. I like to test these things before recommending them to my patients. She really loves them and her teeth are definitely cleaner than before starting to use the Oravet. The product works by removing some placque while chewing and has an added product that keeps the teeth slick to prevent the attachment of bacterial colonies. Unlike many dental products that are antimicrobial it does not kill the important  normal gastrointestinal flora. We have them in boxes of 14 chews with sizes available for all different sizes of dogs.

We are now able to offer the BEST deal ever on Vectra. It is the highest rated flea product in the last 20 years according to Dr. Michael Dryden of Kansas State University. He is the internationally recognized expert on fleas. Vectra 3D is now also part of the recommended protocol for protection against heartworms according to the American Heartworm Society.

For a limited time we can now offer a six month supply of Vectra 3D and you also get THREE ADDITIONAL MONTHS FREE! How great is that? Now you get nine months (a whole season) of the best dog flea and tick product we have found for the cost of six months from the company that produces it. This product is for dogs only, but we do have other excellent products available for cats. Call (314)383-4677 today and reserve some before it's all gone.

These are trying economic times and many people are struggling. Some of our clients are no exception. For some it has come down to getting health care for the pets or paying the mortgage. In an attempt to help we have done a MAJOR reduction in the prices of our heartworm and flea medications. We are currently very competitive with and often less than many of the internet pharmacies. Our products also have not traveled outside of normal recognized distribution channels and therefore include full manufacturer's warranties for effectiveness. The vast majority of internet pharmacy drugs carry no such warranty!!! Besides the price reductions we also have some Free Dose Programs.

Our Interceptor Plus heartworm preventative has rebate coupons for cash back to the customer. We also have rebates and three months FREE with the purchase of a six month supply on the Vectra products that have been rated as the best flea product in the past 20 years. Call (314) 383-4677 today and check out these and any other deals.

Popular Rewards Points Program Continued!!!
Our ongoing rewards points program has been very well received by our clients. Upon visits to Normandy Animal Hospital, you receive one point for each $50 spent on a single visit. When you have accumulated a sufficient number of points, they can be redeemed for merchandise or services. All redemptions are also placed in a yearly drawing for large pet oriented holiday baskets. The year end 2016 drawing winners are "Jude" Brown, "Lucy" O'Sullivan, "Erin" Walker, and "Pate" Geringer (passed away in 2016 but won a bag on behalf of her sibling Emma). Their pet parents report that these lucky pets are enjoying all the great stuff. Ask any staff member for all the details of this FREE program.

Be Prepared!

Be prepared for an emergency with a Normandy Animal Hospital Emergency Kit. It comes stocked with many first aid supplies and a small manual on first aid. Even better, it is now on sale!
First Aid Book, small gloves, medium gloves, large gloves, Triple Antibiotic Ointment, bandage scissors, slip lead, 3 inch roll gauze, 6 inch roll gauze, 4"X4" gauze pads, 2 inch Vet Wrap, tongue depressors, Instant Cold Compress, Instant Hot Compress, alcohol prep pad, iodine prep pad, 1/2 inch tape and one inch tape. Call (314) 383-4677 today to reserve one for your pet.

Occasional short term deals and specials occur that are available for such a short time that they do not get posted to the web page. Rest assured that our staff will inform you of these when you are in our office for a visit with your pet. Call today for an appointment or to pick up one of our excellent flea and tick products. These are very important due to new developments in current research. For more information, click on the NEWS button or call (314)383-4677.

Yes. Cats do get heartworms. Mention WEBDEAL 2. One offer per household. This is a limited time offer so call today for details and an appointment.

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